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Important Information

Post  Salamencemaster1 on Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:25 pm

Welcome the the Arena of the Dracotopian Kings! In this area, only three enemies stand in the way between you and the title of Ultimate Pokemon Master. However, you must have the following "stuff":
12 Gym Badges
5 Elite Badges
5 Dracotopian Badges
2000 Pts.

All of these will be taken from you and will give you Three "Dracotopian Passes". These Passes are saved under "special ways" and each one is used to let you battle a King ONCE. [ex. Use 3 to battle MagmaM1 three times, or use all three to battle all of us once.] You can give away these passes, but please contact us so we can know you traded it.

Now, when you run out of passes, your path to receiving the title is reset and so you need to win against all of us once again. Heres the thing, if you don't get the title, you will lose EVERYTHING you traded in to get the passes. If you get the title, you will receive everything back, and more. If you loss it all, you will have to get it all back they way you got it the first time.

More information in the official battle thread of The Dracotopian Kings


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