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King of Skies: SalamM1

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King of Skies: SalamM1

Post  Salamencemaster1 on Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:02 pm

"Dreams are accomplished through goals, and goals through dreams."

I just happen to be your hardest challenge ever! The LPer we have all grown to love and probably hate for his screams. Yes, it is I the great SalamM1, not the LP Lord Chuggaaconroy.

My rules are simple and clear. No legendaries, don't care about tiers, Lv. 100, most recent game, normal Single Battle with 4 pokemon, no held items and Last but not least, no cheat codes.

Now, heres what makes my place as tough as it sounds, I can use 6 Pokemon and Legendaries and held items. Yes I know its unfair, but in order to be the true master you need to be confident, brave, strong and smart. This will be toughest battle you may face, so I can't exactly say you will win. Good luck, because you will need it to be even with me. Also, the only pokemon I am guaranteed to use is Salamence. You may not use him, keep than in mind.

Pokemon I may use in the battle:
(more to come soon)

Remember, if you want, you can talk to me on skype if you wish when we battle. It will be recorded and uploaded on youtube under my channel. If you did well, I will give some special prizes. These prizes vary, so I wont put them here. Good luck.

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